Monday, October 17, 2011

NyQuil hindering, not helping creativity

Full disclosure here: I have never smoked pot or done any drugs.  As I am neither a parent, or someone involved in the law, at the moment I see no place for my judgement against those who do.  It just isn't my thing.  I'm also not known for getting drunk... because it isn't something that I really do.  We can have that discussion some other day over a beer or a glass of wine, but appropriately, not five or six of them.  With that disclaimer up front, I need to honestly say that I just don't get the concept of using cold medicine for any purpose other than clearing up cold symptoms.  I especially can't understand it when used for creativity purposes.

Obviously I'm a writer.  I'm also a guitarist.  When I wrote the songs on Lighting the Dark they were all, for better or worse, my own musings and brain paths.  When I'm sick, and I'm miserable enough to down one of the Quils (Ny or Day), I tend to get a bit detached.  Working while having them in my system is mostly doable (well, with DayQuil anyway) because it stops me from coughing so hard that I drop the phone.  Picking up my guitar when I get home, however, that's just bloody awful.  I'm definitely not even feeling musical, let alone able to come up with new music.  At work, I've drilled myself to know my craft at all costs, so the training comes through the cold... music, not so much.

So, what I honestly can't get, is how people can actually *write* while on the stuff.  I've heard stories of people using various cold remedies for other reasons to such a strong extent that I need to sign a waiver when I buy it.  Seriously?  This is exciting?  There is no way, at all, that I could possibly see to take cold medicine and then write down ideas that are fit for human consumption.  Never mind the spelling and grammar - the ideas are just flat out idiotic!  At this moment, I'm debating how long I can ignore the coughing to be able to do some writing tonight after work before I need to take something.  And then I'm wondering how long I can stave off the effects before needing to go curl up into a ball of miserable medicine head.

So, please, if you are considering taking cold medicine in order to "inspire" yourself to write... just don't.  It has nothing to do with the health effects, to be honest.  The world just doesn't need more crappy music and writing.  People like me produce enough crappy music and writing while sober!
(You see how cold medicine degrades my marketing skills?)

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