Monday, March 12, 2012

The Real Jones Oden

Would the real Jones Oden please stand up?  Alas, there have been many thoughts about who Jones Oden would be, since I first created the character.  Were I to make a movie about The Past Repeated who would represent the leader of the known universe?  I had teased a few ideas here and there, but there was one face that kept on creeping back at me.  One bearded, white haired man who stood, to me, as Jones Oden, for all time:  Terence Stamp

Of course, Mr. Stamp is an actor of great skill and renown.  To think that General Zod would be willing to take on the role of my Prime Minister... well, who knows.  We're quite a long way away from that happening.  Still, whenever I picture a speech, picture a meeting, or a glass of whiskey being raised to his lips... this is who I imagine.  That's the voice I hear when he speaks.  Not that I'm expecting Duncan Lab to kneel before Zod or anything... but I do hear his voice, his laughter, and that's who I'd love you to imagine when you read Jones Oden's lines, and follow his exploits and mannerisms.