Wednesday, December 26, 2012


When you read the books in the Olympus Union series, you'll find that it's really all about matters of contention and defiance.  The latest book in the series, "The Future Reborn" makes good on what was started all the way at the beginning.  People are making choices, defying odds, and doing what they can to identify with what they feel is most important.  It started from the beginning with "The Past Repeated" and was a theme that "Drawing Battle Lines" carried forth.  Now that the original trilogy is completed (and, yes, as promised, I'm already working on the stand alone Jeremy Hunter novella, which will come out in 2013, and be free), I've been exploring the deeds of some of your favorite characters.

Keeping with the theme of defiance, I've been browsing around this little universe that I've created (or, more appropriately, the solar system).  At the moment, I'm working on a 12-20 page story that will visit Hera's Clutch and then wanders off to Mercury.  A few other shorts in the Olympus Union short story section deal with defiance as well.  The most notable, however, is the most recently placed story in the stocks.

"McGee and Maguin" is all about the Alpha Station Minister coming to a hard fought decision.  In "The Past Repeated" we know him as Derek McGee, but in the second and third books, he appears as Derek Maguin.  Where did the change come from, and why?  This story enlightens you, and raises some interesting questions.  What kind of statements do seemingly small gestures make?  What can we do to identify ourselves differently, and truly identify with another group... and how can we do it in a way that won't cause problems for the people that we care about?  These are the questions that Derek wrestles with.

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