Thursday, December 20, 2012

Magical Mayans

There was a great quote that I read the other day.  It stated that, "If the Mayans were that great at predicting the future, there'd still be Mayans."  I only wish I could remember where I'd seen it so that I could offer proper attribution.  Still, the sentiment is an interesting one, because we're all hung up on the world ending on the 21st.  Yet again.

Never mind that scientists apparently found another calendar which shows that the world won't end on December 21st, 2012.  Lets ignore the concept that the Mayans didn't have a zero, so their number structure isn't the same as ours.  Or even that their calendar had fewer days than ours.  Keep an eye on the Jewish Lunar Calendar that is so skewed right now, I'll have to finish my Hanukkah shopping by Thanksgiving next year.  Oh, yes, the beauty of the moving calendar.  Our Mayan friends, it appears, actually had multiple calendars.  Sure, no chance that you could get mixed up there, could you?  Ah, but maybe you could.

Human history is filled with ancient myths fabricated to explain things that we didn't understand.  Do you remember, for instance, what your parents told you was happening when thunder and lightning came?  Certainly we've got a number of different childhood memories.  Consider people who, no matter how advanced, no matter how adult, still didn't understand what was going on around them.  Never forget that astronomers thought that the Sun revolved around the Earth.  The Geocentric model was as well accepted as the pure fact that the Earth is flat.

So what am I saying?  Am I just hoping that humanity survives 2012, so that everything I'm writing on isn't completely and utterly invalidated?  Well, maybe just a little - I put a lot of time into writing those books and short stories!  Still, I expect to be in New York City, at the Museum of Natural History on the 22nd, just as I'd originally planned.  Don't clear out your bank accounts or make foolish decisions just yet, alright folks?

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