Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Neglecting the Moon

I've written in the past about how cold medicine hinders creativity, even though that might seem at odds with what you've heard.  Trying to kick myself out of this cold induced haze (I'm trying to avoid admitting to a flu, so we'll just assume a common cold), and the medicine head that comes along with it, I've been doing some reading and watching.  Mostly, I've been watching the History Channel.  It's more helpful than you might realize. Olympus Union has a good deal of historical reference built into it.  I've intentionally gotten into revolutionary and civil war motifs with reference to the United States' history.  More on that another day.

Reading has been a combination of things.  Sadly, my brain is a little too addled to tear much into the current Battletech novel that I've been working on (specifically, "Way of the Clans" which I found, along with the rest of the Legend of the Jade Phoenix trilogy at the used book store in Middletown, NY.  Total cost: $1.50 for a great trilogy!).  There's been plenty for me to play with in my notepad files of story ideas, character thoughts and snips.  While putting some pieces together, I've also gone back into some of my blog postings.  Back in October, I talked about our last trip to the Moon.  Complaining that we're not spending enough time with it, I had always thought about how integral a part that Luna plays in Olympus Union society... and then promptly left it to be.

Lately, I've been working on a much longer short story set after blogging about new discoveries on Mercury cropping up.  Oh, don't you worry, Red planet lovers: I've already outlined five new short stories set on Mars.  In fact, I've got a whole notepad file dedicated to the twenty major cities on Mars.  Certainly I understand that twenty isn't that large of a number just yet, but consider how long it took to colonize Earth.  We're terraforming here, give me some time!  Oh, but don't you worry, we're going to spend plenty of time over there.  I might even release a Mars-specific book at some point.  Oh, and check out the stuff about Mars (where I scored that photo).

Step back again.  You see how this lovely cold medicine sends me off meandering?  Alright, maybe it's not just the medicine.  Still, we're talking about the Moon, or more specifically, Luna.  What I've managed to actually do today is lay down two short story ideas for Luna.  Working on putting together at least two more summaries before I outline out at least one.  What we'll have coming, soon, are stories that will explore Luna, the orbital prisons (Clutches) and a little more about what's going on Earth-side.  After all, science fiction isn't just about what's outside of Earth... it's the future!  So, let's get it on, people.  My cold-induced haze is already seeming to subside (you see what talking to you fine folks does for me?) and the creative juices are starting to run.  Perhaps it's just that photo or Mr. Armstrong that I found.  Oh, and of course, you certainly can guess what I've named the first Lunar city that I'll be writing about.  Don't look at me like that.  He was a good man, and he deserves a little more recognition.  Just one more time.  Let's go explore the Lunar city of Armstrong.